Thursday, 27 March 2014

Twitter Feature Now Displays Latest Tweets

We've recently made a big improvement to our Twitter feature. Twitter profiles are now displayed directly in the app, showing off all the latest tweets and retweets! Now it's even easier to keep your customers updated with all the latest news about your business. 

While we're talking about Twitter, don't forget to tweet about any new deals added to the app or a new loyalty scheme! It informs your customers of all the special offers available to app users and gives them a great reason to download your app. And you should always encourage your most loyal customers to promote your app (and therefore your business!) on their social media pages.

Don't forget you can always find the latest download figure for your app on your Appsme dashboard. A little promotion could go a long way...

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Apps vs Mobile Websites

We're always talking about how smartphones are taking over the world (they now outnumber toothbrushes) and how often the average smartphone user checks their phone (150 times per day), but what is everyone actually doing on their phones?

Well, due to a recent report published last week by Nielsen, we now have a much better idea! According to their findings, smartphone users are spending roughly ten times more time in apps than browsing the mobile web.  

Source via Nielsen

So in the battle of apps versus mobile websites, we have a pretty clear winner! Which works well for us, seeing as we've been proclaiming the power of mobile apps for years now! 

In addition to the convenience of adding an icon to the homescreen, apps are capable of so much more than mobile websites. For example, the Loyalty feature couldn't work in a website - only an app can take care of that! And did we mention that all Appsme apps work offline, too - even in airplane mode? Mobile websites sure can't do that!

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Appsme App of the Week: Cafe Amore

There are tons (and tons!) of businesses out there that are a perfect match for Appsme, and this is most definitely the case with our latest App of the Week! Meet the Cafe Amore app!

This app makes great use of many of Appsme's features, especially Deals and Loyalty. The app offers not one but five deals for app users, complete with relevant images and handy voucher codes - exactly what we like to see! 

And coffee lovers take note: they've implemented a classic loyalty scheme in the app, 'Buy 5 Drinks and Get the 6th Free'. (Many members of the Appsme team would seriously benefit from such a scheme!) This is the perfect way to encourage repeat app usage among customers. 

But there's even more where that came from! The app also contains Facebook integration, a full photo gallery, a comprehensive price list, a map and super easy sharing. Go here on your phone to check out the app for yourself! 

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