Friday, 10 January 2014

Appsme App of the Week: The Scissor Station

First app of the week for 2014 - who's excited?! This week's app is for The Scissor Station, a hair & beauty salon located in Shotton, England. 

The app was built using one of our sleek Designer Themes and makes great use of tons of features, including a big image Gallery, a handy Map and Facebook integration. But the most notable of the app's features is the use of Deals and Loyalty - not only have they set up 2 great deals and an awesome loyalty scheme but they're promoting them like crazy!

The Scissor Station's Facebook page and Twitter feed are chock full of tweets about the app and all of the offers inside. By promoting the various offers inside the app, they are giving their customers a huge incentive to install. They've even taken screenshots of the in-app deals to really take it to the next level.

Every time they add a new deal, I have no doubt we'll be seeing another Tweet or Facebook post alerting their customers. And that's exactly what they should be doing to maximize app usage. Well done, Scissor Station! 

Download the app here.

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