Friday, 12 September 2014


We here at Appsme are geeks. We love technology and gadgets, and we talk about software releases like some people talk about last night's big football game.

But the great thing about Appsme is that you don't have to be! Every element of the Appsme app builder has been designed for everybody, not just the geeks out there. We always say that creating an app shouldn't be any more difficult than creating a Facebook page, which - as most of us know by now - is easy as pie.

So let's dispel some of the big myths around getting a mobile app for any business up and running!

1) You need to know how to code to build a mobile app.

MYTH! The Appsme app builder contains no coding elements whatsoever. Just pick the features you want and fill out some basic information to make your app work for your business.

2) You need to be a photoshop expert to design a mobile app.

MYTH! All a great-looking app needs from you is a logo (which you probably already have lying around) and an awesome background image, though you can choose a basic color or a background from our library of images, too. We find a subtle image, one that doesn't clash with the app content and makes sense, works best. Check out this awesome background for the Talon Winery app. It looks great, matches the business type and doesn't distract from the great deals & handy info that the app delivers.

3) You need to know all about different phones, including phones you've never used.

MYTH! Like I said, we're geeks. We love knowing about the latest phones and platforms. We work hard to ensure our apps are completely optimized for whatever platform they run on, so you don't have to.

4) You need a few months to get the app up and running.

MYTH! Creating a top-quality app on Appsme takes about 20 minutes. You can even help us start building it for you by entering your business' Facebook page. For apps on the premium plan that get submitted to app stores, it takes an extra few days to launch in Google Play and a couple weeks to launch in the App Store.

5) You need thousands of dollars to do it.

MYTH! Not only do we offer a plan that is completely free, but our premium plan is incredibly affordable, with both monthly and annual payment options. Check out this page for details on all our price plans.

Now that we've busted some big myths of the app world, are you ready to create your business app with Appsme?

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