Thursday, 18 September 2014

How to Use Push Notifications to Your Advantage: Salon Edition

Welcome to the 2nd installment of our blog series on making the most of push notifications. Today we'll be talking about salons, as they're one of the most prevalent business types we see building apps on the Appsme platform. (Features like our loyalty scheme are absolutely perfect for businesses that rely on repeat customers.)

With push notifications so easy to do - just log on to the Appsme dashboard, write a message, and send it - there's no harm in experimenting. Here are 3 suggestions for how salons can use push notifications as a powerful marketing tool to drive business:

Let's say it's Monday morning, and Sally the salon owner has noticed a lot of empty space in the calendar for the week. To generate more bookings, Sally sends out this push notification:

Book today for 25% off ANY SERVICE - this week only! Just mention the app when booking.

Now let's say Billy is doing a rebrand for his salon, and he decided to give the app a rebrand as well! Not only did he update the app with a different theme and additional gallery photos, but a new loyalty scheme as well! Billy pushes this message out to app users:

New loyalty scheme! Get TWO stamps on your loyalty card when you come in all September!

2 clients at Juanita's salon have just cancelled their afternoon appointments. Eager to occupy the slots, Juanita informs her customers of the openings with this push notification:

Last minute openings! Call now to book an afternoon appointment & look good for that date tonight!

Just look at all the business you could drive by spending just one minute sending a push notification on the Appsme dashboard. If that's not marketing made easy, I don't know what is!

Don't have an app yet but want to tap into the power of push?

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