Friday, 5 September 2014

App of the Month: DREAMWAVE Wrestling

It's that time again - time to highlight the best apps made on the Appsme platform this month! This month's app is for DREAMWAVE Wrestling, a professional wrestling company based in LaSalle, Illinois that runs monthly events throughout the state. 

So, here's what we absolutely love about this app: the entire app caters to their next event, which takes place in  a few days. It's an incredibly smart use of our platform - the fact that you can update your app's content at any time with no fuss makes Appsme an ideal app platform for events based apps. 

Taking a closer look, we see that even the app's strapline promotes the next event - Next Show Good As Gold on Sept. 13th. The info page is full of details on the next event, including date & time, the event's lineup, and most importantly a hyperlink to where to buy tickets. The DREAMWAVE team also created an 'Event Tickets' tab to display ticket prices.

Their awesome gallery includes a bracket for their own Tag Team Tournament and photos of various coompetitors and matchups. (I reckon the audience for The Hooligans vs. Guns & Beer is in for a treat!) Unsurprisingly, DREAMWAVE is all over social media as well, and have integrated their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube content into the app.

All in all, the perfect event-based app. And once this event's over, the app can be completely changed to cater to the next one in an instant. Pretty cool, right? Download it and see for yourself!

Want to create an app like DREAMWAVE? 

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