Thursday, 25 September 2014

1 Billion Websites vs. 2.5 Million Apps

According to an article published in Business Insider last week, the internet has reached one billion websites (and shows no signs of stopping). Now domain providers are looking beyond .com and .net to expand the possibilities. Fancy owning a .ninja address? You totally can.

Because we're in the business of apps, we here at Appsme are constantly talking about them - how important they are, their unbelievable rate of growth, and just how powerful they can be. But when we think about mobile apps compared to websites...

Well, let's just compare the figures! There are one billion websites out there, but only 2.5 million mobile apps available in the world's two biggest app stores (Apple App Store & Google Play). This tells us that the number of apps out there is actually a fraction of a fraction - .25% - of the total websites in existence. It really puts things into perspective, doesn't it? Just think of how many websites and companies have yet to launch an app for their brand!

We're not saying every website or every brand needs an accompanying mobile app, but there's certainly room for millions, even hundreds of millions more to get in on the action. With roughly 50% of web searches and traffic conducted on mobile devices (a figure that continues to rise exponentially), an app really does make a lot of sense for those looking to reach out to customers or fans on mobile devices.

We'd venture to guess only a small portion of these one billion websites are mobile-friendly, and these desktop-optimized sites in particular will become less and less useful as mobile traffic figures rise. What's more, 80% of time spent on mobile is spent inside apps as opposed to in the mobile browser. There may be a billion sites out there but clearly apps are where it's at.

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