Friday, 1 August 2014

Take Your App to the Next Level

We here at Appsme know a lot about apps. Hundreds of apps are built on our self-service platform every day, and we look at every single one of them. As a company we have had apps in the top 10 of their category on every major app store, including the Apple App Store, Google Play, BlackBerry World, Windows Phone Marketplace, Mozilla Marketplace and the Samsung Apps Store. So it's fair to say we have a pretty good idea of what makes a top quality app!

So, how can you make an app that really works for your business?

 1) Incentivize downloads with rewards.

Think of the Loyalty scheme as a digital version of those crumpled up stamp cards you keep in your wallet (you know, so you can get your 6th coffee free), only way better! Offering a loyalty scheme via the app means no paper is wasted, no cards get lost and your customers will always have it with them.

82% of small business owners said that customer loyalty was their main source of business growth, and there is literally no better way to generate repeat business than with a loyalty scheme. Reward your best customers for maximum impact.  

2) Encourage app usage. 

Offering exclusive Deals only available to app users encourages downloads, usage and engagement with your business. Plus, you can run up to 20 deals simultaneously, so if you're feeling generous...

And for those on the App Store Plan, sending a push notification out to all your customers every time you add a new deal will take your engagement up a notch!

3) If you've got it, flaunt it. 

We offer a lot of features to choose from when building an app - in our opinion, the more the merrier! Getting all your content in one place - whether it's Videos from a YouTube channel, your latest Facebook & Twitter content, or a Gallery of photos (of your products, your staff, your food, your skills, your shop, etc.) - is a great way of establishing a company presence. What's even more important is that this place is in the most convenient spot ever... right on your customers' phones.

4) Spend the extra time on your design.

You don't need to be a designer to make your app stand out! If you've got a strong, dominant logo as your profile picture, perhaps you need a subtle or solid-colored background to really draw attention to it. Likewise, if you've got a killer background photo for your app, try removing the profile picture entirely so it really pops! Of course, the designer theme option is a great one, especially if the theme is in line with your company branding. Don't forget: a few minutes on Photoshop (or even Microsoft Paint!) can go a long way! And if you're really stuck, just drop us an email and we'll be happy to help.

As always, changes can be made to any Appsme app at any time simply by logging into your account (on a Mac or PC) and clicking 'Update App'. Always be sure to go through all three steps to ensure your changes are saved.

And that's how you make it APPen.  

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