Thursday, 21 August 2014

Smartphones & The Business World

Bdaily, a popular business news platform, has just published an interesting article on the power and potential smartphones have to change the business world. This comes as no surprise to us - smartphones have already completely altered us as consumers. The business world transformation was inevitable!

The piece focuses on "smartphone enabled business opportunities", from text message marketing and push notifications to deals services like Groupon and loyalty schemes. Appsme was highlighted as an affordable app-building service that incorporates multiple marketing opportunities in one, including in-app offers, a digital loyalty scheme and push notifications.

The article also delves into some of the more cutting-edge technologies that will soon be the norm - drones as a delivery service, for example, and geo-targeted messaging. And we do mean soon, at least in terms of the latter - we're launching geo-targeting support in just a few weeks! Keep your eyes peeled....

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