Wednesday, 27 August 2014

How to Use Push Notifications to Your Advantage: Restaurant Edition

A few months ago, Appsme launched support for push notifications and so far, the feedback has been great! It's fun to see your messages, and it enables us to better understand all the creative ways in which business owners are taking advantage of this powerful feature on Appsme.

Mobile marketing company Urban Airship states that enabling push notifications triggers a 540% increase in daily app opens - this alone should convince you of just how powerful this feature is and why you should be using it. But we recognize that some of you app owners out there may need a bit of extra help - so here I'd like to tell you about some easy ways to engage your customers with push notifications, broken down by business sector. We'll start with restaurants, as it's one of the most popular type of app we see built on our platform.

The sun is unexpectedly shining, and you're eager to fill up the restaurant's patio with the after-work crowd, who have been stuck inside an office for the past 8 hours. You know how to get 'em in, so you send this push:

The sun is shining so it's HAPPY HOUR! Come enjoy 2-for-1 cocktails until sundown on our beautiful patio.

Let's say it's the opposite - a dreary, rainy Tuesday. Nearby foot traffic is minimal, and your restaurant only has a few bookings in the calendar for the evening. In an effort to incentivize last-minute diners to come in for a meal, you send this push:

Rainy Day Special! Pop in for a free starter or dessert with any meal!

Now what if your kitchen staff has accidentally over-ordered on pork belly this week, and you desperately don't want to waste any of it. What do you do? Create a temporary deal in the app and send this push:

Pork Belly Bonanza: 50% off all week! We know you're craving it already...

And there you go: 3 excellent use cases for how restaurants can engage customers and drive conversions with push notifications.

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