Wednesday, 30 July 2014

App of the Month: The Beer Store

Regular readers of the blog may notice that the App of the Week has magically transformed into the App of the Month! We're working on writing more original content around the needs of small businesses and the importance of going mobile, and as a result we'll be featuring one shiny new app once a month. (We'll try to make it an extra good one, though!)

...And this month I think we can deliver on that front! Meet The Beer Store app.

I mean, it's an app for a beer store! What's not to like? Frankly, we didn't need much convincing, but The Beer Store team gave it a bunch of cool features and exclusives for app users anyways! A loyalty scheme for beer is perhaps our new favorite thing. If only Appsme HQ was based in North Carolina and not London, you'd know where to find us after work!

What's even better, they've added an exclusive deal just for app users. This is always a great way to incentivize downloads and encourage app usage!

Naturally, they've also got all the basics covered. Email address, phone number, opening hours, map -- all covered. They've also repurposed the Info feature and turned it into Store News, complete with hyperlinked event listings so the end user can always get the extra info on what's happening and when. Smart!

I have no doubt The Beer Store really is the hoppiest place in town...

Want to make a powerful app like this one for your customers?

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