Monday, 14 April 2014

Appsme App of the Week: L.A. Bridal

It's time to highlight another one of our fabulous Appsme apps! Meet the L.A. Bridal App!

It's a simple app that proves simple certainly doesn't mean boring! First and foremost, we love the background this app designer chose - it's a perfect representation of what L.A. Bridal does. (If the wedding dress background wasn't obvious enough, the Info page clears everything up!)

This app also makes great use of the Facebook and Twitter features, so everyone can keep up with the latest company updates and wedding news! And of course, anyone can reach the L.A. Bridal team with just one touch using the Click-to-Contact feature. With only four features enabled, this app is simple -- but effective.

Download the app and see it for yourself here.

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