Thursday, 27 March 2014

Twitter Feature Now Displays Latest Tweets

We've recently made a big improvement to our Twitter feature. Twitter profiles are now displayed directly in the app, showing off all the latest tweets and retweets! Now it's even easier to keep your customers updated with all the latest news about your business. 

While we're talking about Twitter, don't forget to tweet about any new deals added to the app or a new loyalty scheme! It informs your customers of all the special offers available to app users and gives them a great reason to download your app. And you should always encourage your most loyal customers to promote your app (and therefore your business!) on their social media pages.

Don't forget you can always find the latest download figure for your app on your Appsme dashboard. A little promotion could go a long way...

New to Appsme? Want to make a feature-rich mobile app for your customers? We thought you might.

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