Monday, 17 February 2014

Loyalty Goes Digital

Loyalty schemes are nothing new - many of you reading this probably have a loyalty card for your local coffee chain or a frequent buyer card for a nearby shop in your wallet. We're big fans of the concept; customers should be rewarded for their allegiance to a business, at the very least as a means to encourage them to continue their allegiance. In fact 82% of small business owners say customer loyalty is the main way in which they expand their business.

And consumers love loyalty schemes, too, with a whopping 69% of them saying their choice of retailer is influenced by the availability of a rewards scheme. 46% of these consumers would strongly recommend a business to family & friends if that business offered a loyalty scheme.

So it's no secret that a loyalty scheme is great for business. But leave it to our phones to take an old concept and revolutionize it! Now loyalty schemes are going mobile - and why not? Your phone is a lot easier to hold on to than any paper card, plus with an Appsme app you can set up all sorts of other powerful features to use alongside a loyalty scheme, like a Map, Price List and Deals.

If you already have an app with us, we encourage you to add the Loyalty feature and promote it like crazy. Your loyal customers are the most likely of anyone to download your app, and offering a rewards scheme for them is the best way to make that happen!

Don't have an app yet? Create one with a killer loyalty scheme today & preview it on your phone straight away without paying a penny.

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