Monday, 10 February 2014

Appsme App of the Week: Inspirational Nails

We've got another amazing beauty app to show off! This week's app is for Inspirational Nails, a salon based in Truro, Cornwall.

The app is bright & colourful, as you'd expect, but it also makes great use of so many features! There's a compresensive Price List so you can see exactly what's on offer. There's also a full Gallery to show off all the salon's hard work and hopefully give you an idea for your own nails!

The app goes beyond that by allowing users to book their own appointments via the handy Booking link. Of course you can also call the salon or send an email straight from the app should you need anything else!

What's more, the app contains tons of exclusive Deals to encourage salon regulars to install and use regularly. There's even a killer Loyalty Scheme to boost repeat business!

You can download the Inspirational Nails app here.

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