Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Why Choose Appsme?

We’ve already established that it is essential for a business to have a mobile app given the amount of smartphone users around the world today. So, the next step is ‘why choose Appsme?’

Well, allow us to introduce ourselves. Appsme is powered by Mippin - proud braggers of the “world’s leading app building platform”, home to the hugely successful Blackberry App Generator and Mippin App Factory. In the past, we’ve worked with brand names such as OK! Magazine, Daily Star, AutoExpress, NME and a heap of other huge businesses - so, it’s fair to say apps are our pride and joy! Made up of mobile experts that have been in the industry for years, rest assured - with Appsme - you’re in good hands.

Anyway, let's stop before we get carried away... on to Appsme! Appsme is a website that provides small business owners of any technical skill (including none) with an easy-to-use, three-step process for building a mobile app in just a few minutes. Filled with features, smoothly responsive and eye-catchingly pleasing, your app will give your customers all the vital information they need to know about your business. Compatible on all mobile devices (including iPhone and Android), your app will sparkle and shine on any phone and it’s completely free for your customers to download!

Appsme gives you the chance to wow your customers with your technological prowess and run the 200 meters like Usain Bolt, while your competitors stumble in the qualifying rounds. Can’t get much better than that, right?

Wrong. Appsme also gives you a free 14 day trial (which you can cancel at anytime) and after that, it’s just £/$/€25 per month.
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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Why does your Business need a Mobile App?

As smartphone usage continues to grow at astronomical rates, your business has the opportunity to thrive, expand and more importantly, develop. Let us tell you how to seize that opportunity with a mobile app.

Firstly - a mobile app is convenient for your customers. Imagine your logo on your customers’ homescreen, just one click away from a phone call, an email or a tweet at all times. Every time your customer checks their smartphone, your logo will be one of the first things they see. This will keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds - and therefore, keep them coming back! (And may even intrigue the commuting stranger peering over your customer’s shoulder...)

Secondly - a mobile app can blow your competitors out the water (or at least push them into the deep end). By building a mobile app for your business, not only will you be thousands of miles ahead of your competitors technology-wise, but you’ll be impressing your customers by doing so. They’re an inquisitive bunch and if they’re interested in your business, they’ll be interested in your app! By securing a position on their mobile homescreen, they’ll effectively become addicted to your business.

Lastly - a mobile app is a money maker. With a built-in sharing feature, customers and owners can easily share your business’ app on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, vastly widening your audience in the process. Once your app is shared to thousands of Facebook friends and Twitter followers, your business name will be on tips of tongues and your app? In their pocket. And the beauty of this type of marketing is that your customers will be doing the work for you! Social media... *applause*.

In just three points, it’s easy to see just how powerful a mobile app can be. Creating an app for your customers with Appsme is the best (and easiest!) way to unlock this potential -- so what are you waiting for?
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News, news, news!

Not only can you fully customize your app’s background & profile picture, share your app via Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, offer your customers a price list, send them directly to your website, pinpoint your business on a map, and enable one-touch calling... (Did you get all that?!)

...But now you can also show off your photos with our brand new gallery feature!

Using the gallery feature, you can now upload up to 36 photos to display within your app. Once uploaded, the images can be re-ordered easily and individual captions can be added. Images can also be added or altered as often as you need.

Whether you're a bar looking to flaunt your fanciest cocktails, a salon demonstrating available hairstyles or a photography studio simply wanting to highlight your best work, the gallery feature is yet another incentive for your customers to install your app.

If you already have an app and would like to add the gallery feature, have no fear! You can update your app to include a gallery at any time, and customers' will see it when they next launch your app.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mippin Takes Second Place at BlackBerry Achievement Awards

Every year, BlackBerry hosts the BlackBerry Achievement Awards to recognize the latest and greatest contributions to the world of mobile innovation.

Last month Mippin announced that it was a finalist for BlackBerry's prestigious 'Mobile Innovation of the Year' award on the back of an incredibly successful year with the BlackBerry App Generator. The winners were announced at BlackBerry Live in Orlando last week and we're happy to announce that Mippin took second place (although we can’t deny we’d have loved to have won it!) Coincidentally, we came second last year too in the Attendees Choice category, so at least we are consistent!

First of all we need to thank everyone who voted for us! Thank you! We couldn't have gotten this far without you. Also big congratulations to our fellow finalists Waytag and especially to DirecTV Latin America, who came away with first place! The competition was fierce as always and we're honoured just to be included in this list of organizations taking mobile innovation to the next level.

After just one year we have seen over 17,000 BlackBerry App Generator apps in over 40 different languages submitted to BlackBerry World from publishers in 144 countries. With plenty of exciting new things on the roadmap for Mippin & BlackBerry, we'd say we're just getting started with the innovation!

Haven't tried the BlackBerry App Generator yet? Well it's never too late to join the party!


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Friday, 10 May 2013

Generate Customer Recommendations!

A recent study conducted by Nielsen shows 92 percent of consumers globally say they trust “earned media” such as recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising (see table below and click to enlarge).

image via Nielsen

Over the past five or so years, social networking has accumulated hundreds of millions of users and has proven to be the place to keep in touch with friends, family and even business partners. Both Facebook and Twitter provide excellent facilities to share pages, photos, videos and - of course - mobile apps!

So, wouldn't it make sense for your business to have its own mobile app that can be shared to all your customers’ friends via Facebook and Twitter in just one click?

Look no further than Appsme - every one of our apps comes with super simple built-in Facebook, Twitter and email sharing. If your customer wants to shout about your business, they're just one click away from sharing it with everyone they know! How powerful is that?!

Don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter page? Don’t worry - your customers do all the sharing for you! Incentivize your customers to download the apps with a cool offer like a free drink at cocktail hour or a discount on their next order and see if your app goes viral!

Haven’t made an app for your business yet? Create one now!
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