Thursday, 5 December 2013

Mobile Loyalty Programs are Central to Success

Have you thought about taking your loyalty program mobile? Well, if you haven't, you're lagging behind the curve. And in today's rapidly changing business landscape, that can be tantamount to a death sentence.

Minneapolis-based coffee chain Dunn Bros has been one of the early adopters of mobile loyalty - and it's paid off big time for them. With over 80 stores, Dunn Bros sits somewhere in the middle of America's coffee spectrum - sat nicely between Starbucks and your local mom 'n' pop shop. They do their best to feel like a 'little guy', roasting all their beans in-house, but also understand how to grow their business.

As Dunn Bros CMO Laura Radewald put it in a recent interview with Mobile Payments Today, "the loyalty program is especially important to our business . . . [as] it improves our customers' in-store experience." She went on to say that the mobile app is helping to "to deepen [their] customers' connection to our brand."

If you're reading this thinking, that's great, but I don't own a coffee shop - take a step back for a minute. In today's world, consumers are driven by two major factors, simplicity and novelty - with an app you have both! Be inventive; there's always a way to incentivize your customer-base, no matter what business you're in. Create the loyalty program that works for your business

You may also be thinking there's no way I could possibly afford an app on the level of the one Dunn Bros have. Well, you can - that's where Appsme comes in. Appsme enables you to showcase and grow your business with a beautiful, feature-rich mobile app for just a low monthly cost.

Sound too good to be true? Then try it for free for yourself. Make an app and start a mobile loyalty program today!

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