Friday, 16 August 2013

Taking Your Small Business Mobile

Marketing for a small business can be really tricky. Should you rely on word-of-mouth to get your name out there, or should you go for more traditional marketing tactics, such as a print ad or radio spot? And then there's this whole social media thing that's crept into our lives. How can that affect your business? Is it worth the time and effort that you put into it?

One thing that's certain is that small businesses are increasingly finding that they need to take their business mobile. As the infographic below shows, a whopping 84% of adults in America use their phone to go online. What's more, 80% of time spent on the phone is spent inside an app. Considering the number of mobile devices connected to the internet will exceed the 7 billion mark this year, we don't really need to tell you how significant that amount of time is or how big of an opportunity it is to be able to offer your customers a mobile app.

Click to enlarge! (Source)

But what we do want to tell you is that we make it easy for any business owner to make a mobile app for their business in minutes for a low monthly cost. And also that we make it easy to incentize customers to install it! To start, an Appsme app gives customers a one-stop shop for all your important contact info - phone, email, website, and street address. By enabling the Deals feature, customers will always be inclined to pop open your app and check for exclusive in-app deals. Moreover, the Share feature will make it easy for anyone to pass those deals on to all of their friends. Basically, Appsme apps are a great way to let your business sell itself!

Want to see how an Appsme app could help your business sell itself? Make an app and start your free trial today!

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