Friday, 9 August 2013

Mail Online App Shines in BlackBerry World

A few weeks ago the Mippin Team built a shiny new BlackBerry 10 app for one of the UK's biggest newspapers, the Daily Mail, using the BlackBerry App Generator. Since its mid-July launch in BlackBerry World, the Mail Online BB10 app has accumulated great reviews and skyrocketed through the most popular charts. It now sits in the top three of the free news apps section on BlackBerry World, alongside apps for The Guardian and BBC News. 

The app currently boasts an impressive 4.5 star rating - some highlights from the user reviews include "sleek, fast and clear", "works flawlessly" and "best news app for BB10". Given the rave reviews, we're not surprised that BlackBerry selected the app to be featured in BlackBerry World!

Since its debut last year, the BlackBerry App Generator has enabled the creation and launch of over 20,000 apps in BlackBerry World, so it goes without saying that it can deliver on quantity. But the immediate success of the Mail Online BB10 app proves that in addition to delivering a high quantity of apps to BlackBerry World, the App Generator it can also deliver top-quality, user-friendly apps that function beautifully and let the content be the star.

Want to see for yourself? Download the Mail Online app for BlackBerry! (There's also a US edition for our stateside readers! Download it here.)

Or maybe you want to make your own awesome BlackBerry app and launch it in BlackBerry World? It'll only take a few minutes and will cost you absolutely nothing...

Create an app with the BlackBerry App Generator today!

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