Thursday, 29 August 2013

Appsme App of the Week: Seamonster Sushi

It's that time again people - time to award one lucky winner with the Appsme App of the Week. And the winner is... Seamonster Sushi in Seattle!

These guys have done some really great things with their app. First off, we love the background photo. It offers a nice contrast to their profile picture shown in the center. This way, the customer gets both a little piece of their brand as well as a good idea of the ambience of the place. Well done!

From a features standpoint, the Gallery gives us an even better idea of what SeaMonster Sushi offers. The restaurant prides itself on three things - jazz, sushi, and tapas - so it's great to see all of those elements incorporated. What's more, the Info tells us all what makes this place so special. That way, when regulars share the app with their friends using the built-in Share feature, newcomers will know exactly what to expect - good food, good music, and good times!

To get this app on your phone today and see it all for yourself, just click here.

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