Friday, 9 August 2013

Appsme App of the Week: Building & Handyman

Alright folks - are you ready? It's time for the inaugural edition of the Appsme App of the Week! Each week The Appsme Team will choose an app that we think really stands out and shows how great an Appsme app can be for your business, whatever the business. This week's winner is the Fulham-based Building & Handyman who have built a great-looking, useful app for their customers.

We at Appsme know that the app-building process is going to be different for everyone, so what we appreciate about this app is the straightforward approach that Building & Handyman have taken. It all begins with their great profile picture - a clear picture of their logo that will stick in the minds of everyone who uses this app. But what's more, they've made great use of the powerful Deals feature, the handy Price List, and the Gallery (which includes some great high-res photos of their work). Simple and functional - just what we like to see! To get this app on your phone right now and see it for yourself, click here.
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