Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Why Choose Appsme?

We’ve already established that it is essential for a business to have a mobile app given the amount of smartphone users around the world today. So, the next step is ‘why choose Appsme?’

Well, allow us to introduce ourselves. Appsme is powered by Mippin - proud braggers of the “world’s leading app building platform”, home to the hugely successful Blackberry App Generator and Mippin App Factory. In the past, we’ve worked with brand names such as OK! Magazine, Daily Star, AutoExpress, NME and a heap of other huge businesses - so, it’s fair to say apps are our pride and joy! Made up of mobile experts that have been in the industry for years, rest assured - with Appsme - you’re in good hands.

Anyway, let's stop before we get carried away... on to Appsme! Appsme is a website that provides small business owners of any technical skill (including none) with an easy-to-use, three-step process for building a mobile app in just a few minutes. Filled with features, smoothly responsive and eye-catchingly pleasing, your app will give your customers all the vital information they need to know about your business. Compatible on all mobile devices (including iPhone and Android), your app will sparkle and shine on any phone and it’s completely free for your customers to download!

Appsme gives you the chance to wow your customers with your technological prowess and run the 200 meters like Usain Bolt, while your competitors stumble in the qualifying rounds. Can’t get much better than that, right?

Wrong. Appsme also gives you a free 14 day trial (which you can cancel at anytime) and after that, it’s just £/$/€25 per month.
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