Friday, 10 May 2013

Generate Customer Recommendations!

A recent study conducted by Nielsen shows 92 percent of consumers globally say they trust “earned media” such as recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising (see table below and click to enlarge).

image via Nielsen

Over the past five or so years, social networking has accumulated hundreds of millions of users and has proven to be the place to keep in touch with friends, family and even business partners. Both Facebook and Twitter provide excellent facilities to share pages, photos, videos and - of course - mobile apps!

So, wouldn't it make sense for your business to have its own mobile app that can be shared to all your customers’ friends via Facebook and Twitter in just one click?

Look no further than Appsme - every one of our apps comes with super simple built-in Facebook, Twitter and email sharing. If your customer wants to shout about your business, they're just one click away from sharing it with everyone they know! How powerful is that?!

Don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter page? Don’t worry - your customers do all the sharing for you! Incentivize your customers to download the apps with a cool offer like a free drink at cocktail hour or a discount on their next order and see if your app goes viral!

Haven’t made an app for your business yet? Create one now!
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