Thursday, 23 May 2013


News, news, news!

Not only can you fully customize your app’s background & profile picture, share your app via Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, offer your customers a price list, send them directly to your website, pinpoint your business on a map, and enable one-touch calling... (Did you get all that?!)

...But now you can also show off your photos with our brand new gallery feature!

Using the gallery feature, you can now upload up to 36 photos to display within your app. Once uploaded, the images can be re-ordered easily and individual captions can be added. Images can also be added or altered as often as you need.

Whether you're a bar looking to flaunt your fanciest cocktails, a salon demonstrating available hairstyles or a photography studio simply wanting to highlight your best work, the gallery feature is yet another incentive for your customers to install your app.

If you already have an app and would like to add the gallery feature, have no fear! You can update your app to include a gallery at any time, and customers' will see it when they next launch your app.

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