Wednesday, 9 May 2012

OK! App a Finalist for Wireless Achievement Awards

As we've mentioned, we had a lot going on at last week's BlackBerry World in Orlando. In addition to launching and demoing the BlackBerry App Generator, our OK! Magazine app was also in the running for BlackBerry's Wireless Achievement Awards 2012 in the Attendee's Choice category.

Alas, sadly we did not win the award - but we were honoured to be nominated in the first place! Congratulations to Cines Unidos, an app for Venezuelan film buffs, which took 1st place in the Attendee Choice category!

At least we got a photo with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

BlackBerry App Generator Demo

Last week was a very busy week for all of us here at Mippin, especially for our CEO and Creative Director who attended BlackBerry World 2012 in Orlando to announce the launch of the BlackBerry App Generator.

After announcing the tool at the keynote speech, Nick and David found some time to sit down with and do a quick demo.

Luckily for you the whole thing was caught on video, so here is your sneak peak of the BlackBerry App Generator! Watch them create an awesome app in less than 10 minutes:

Intrigued? Head to today to request an invite!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mippin Announces the BlackBerry App Generator!

We've got some VERY big news for you today!

We are teaming up with BlackBerry to bring you the BlackBerry App Generator! The BlackBerry App Generator is an online tool (based on our award-winning app creation platform) that enables online publishers to build apps for BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook in less than ten minutes, and then to distribute these apps via BlackBerry App World.

The apps run on OS 5 and higher as well as on PlayBook, and can also be fully integrated with BlackBerry Messenger. This allows publishers to create a unique social content experience and encourages content sharing with other BlackBerry users.

There are no registration or submission fees either, and publishers have the freedom to distribute the app either for free or at a cost. In-app advertising is also available using the BlackBerry Advertising Service.

It really is just as easy as it sounds. We are so excited to offer this opportunity to digital publishers around the globe and to help bring some amazing new content apps to BlackBerry App World!

Do you want your content to be an awesome app for BlackBerry devices and distributed via BlackBerry App World?

Visit today to request an invite!

App of the Week: Wakkipedia

This week's featured app is the Wakkipedia app for iPhone and iPad! Jam-packed with weird and - you guessed it - wacky news, it's the ultimate resource of pointless information.

Have you ever wondered which country staged the world's first caviar-eating competition? Or what the lower tusks of a wild boar or called? Or which cartoon character became the first to have a statue erected in his honour?

Maybe... or maybe not. But I'm going to tell you regardless. (Insert evil laugh here.) The answers are: Russia, rippers, and Popeye, respectively.

That's exactly the type of useless information you'll find in the Wakkipedia app. So, no, this app won't make you an Einstein -- but it will make you an absolute hit entertaining your friends at the pub!

The app, all content courtesy of, has four channels of goodness for you to enjoy: weird news, fact of the day, wakkiversaries and the quote of the day. It's all the wacky you could ever ask for, am I right?!

You know you're curious...

Download the Wakkipedia app today! (iPhone and iPad users will be automatically redirected to the App Store to download the *free* native app.)