Monday, 5 March 2012

Mippin Featured in WSJ

We'd like to draw your attention to a lovely bit of coverage we received last week in The Wall Street Journal. The article itself is hidden behind a paywall so we thought we'd write up a little summary for you.

The article, written by David Roman, is entitled 'New Smartphone Apps Embrace Age of Austerity'. David discusses mobile apps in the context of Europe's economic crisis, and highlights a series of products which have been brought to market with money saving in mind. Among these products are Pinger, a free messaging app that allows messaging for everyone (with or without the app), and Datasquasher, an app intended to help control smartphone data - ideal for travelling abroad.

Roman goes on to discuss Mippin and how we fit into the mix:  

"For cash-strapped companies looking to get in on the app business, Mippin - also based in London - offers a chance to create low-cost apps tailored to their particular needs. Chief Executive Nick Barnett said Mippin charges clients - many of whom are publishers - £1,000 to create apps that can go straight into app stores, using templates that they replicate for several customers. That price, he added, is just a fraction of the current industry costs of $20,000 to $30,000 per app. But, if that still sounds too steep, Mippin also has a £100 rate for slightly simpler apps, with a catch - that these can be distributed free of charge, but can't be sold in app stores."

For those of you who subscribe to the WSJ and can bypass the paywall, head on over here to read the article in all its glory.

And if you are one of the cash-strapped folk David was referring to and you've been looking to create an app... take his advice and give us a try!

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