Tuesday, 18 December 2012

We're Hiring - Customer Acquisition Manager Wanted

Role: Customer Acquisition Manager
Location: Parsons Green, London

Mippin is the world's largest app-builder platform with over 50,000 apps live in app stores globally. We are constantly challenging the norms of mobile app-building services and are tearing down cost and complexity barriers that prohibit many people and businesses from building apps.

We are hugely ambitious; we have a vision of an app for everything and everyone – including apps for business, people and products – and have a target of building over 1m apps in the next 12 months.

Appsme is our new platform enabling businesses everywhere to build a mobile app for their business. With over 30m SMEs in the US and UK alone, we believe enabling these business to build apps using a simple step-by-step website and at an affordable price point represents a huge business opportunity.

To drive the commercial success of appsme, we are looking for a Customer Acquisition Manager, responsible for driving online traffic to the appsme website and also for striking partnership and affiliate deals with key organisations.

Working closely with the CEO and founder you’ll help to drive the direction of our acquisition marketing.

Primary Responsibilities:
       Develop, implement, execute and manage all aspects of the company’s online paid customer acquisition strategy
       Generate qualified traffic and acquire customers across online marketing channels, including SEM, display, retargeting, affiliate and social media networks
       Work closely with web design team to create, manage and optimize landing pages tied to ad campaigns if required
       Communicate strategies and results to senior management on a consistent basis

In parallel, you will be responsible for identifying key offline partners (e.g. trade bodies, national business organisations) in the UK and the US, and structuring affiliate partnerships to drive targeted customer acquisition.

The balance between these two approaches (online vs offline) will be driven by the cost of customer acquisition of each, and you will need to maintain a clear view on the relative acquisition costs of each approach and work to develop the most scalable and cost effective acquisition plan.

Ideal Candidate:
       You have strong direct-response experience with a track record of successful online strategies and funnel-based acquisition models that drive qualified traffic and customer acquisition across online & offline channels
       You understand customer segmentation and are familiar with web analytics packages like Google Analytics
       You enjoy A/B testing, optimizing and reporting on campaign performance
       You are highly analytical and data driven, but also have a passion for mobile technology
       Familiarity with CRM products and Email Campaigns

Experience of small business marketing/small business acquisition, particularly in a fast-growth, agile environment, would be ideal (e.g. from an online or offline business listing service). You should hold a good bachelor’s degree at minimum 2.i level and be able to demonstrate superior numeric and analytic skills, strong working knowledge of online marketing tools such as Adwords, web tracking tools such as Google Analytics and excellent communication and management skills.

This is a fantastic role if you want to join a truly revolutionary business and create real business impact and significant value. If you're interested, send us an email at


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