Friday, 29 June 2012

How to Create the Killer App

A few weeks ago, our CEO Nick Barnett gave a talk at an event hosted by First Tuesday on 'How to create the killer app'.

Of course everyone who knows anything about apps will know of the obvious "killer app" culprits -- Angry Birds, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Here Nick discusses Mippin's different approach to killer apps, arguing that global popularity isn't necessarily the key to a killer app - a killer app varies by whoever classifities it as such.

For example, a killer app for a plumber might be one that makes it easy for clients to get in touch and book his services - if the app increases his trade by 50% in his local area, it will be the killer app for him. A killer app for bird lovers may be one that helps them locate a rare species on their next day out. A killer app for a freelance writer could be one that ensures that his contact details be shared quickly and easily to anyone at anytime, and so on.

Mippin envisions the future of apps as an app for everything and everyone - media owners, small businesses, products, individuals, you name it. With physical distribution points (e.g. QR codes, NFC tags etc) and local services thrown in the mix, apps are progressing beyond just app stores and creating a whole new category.

Mippin has an ambitious goal to build over one million apps over the next 12 months - an app for everything and everyone is on its way!

Watch the video for the whole thing:


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