Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mippin Announces the BlackBerry App Generator!

We've got some VERY big news for you today!

We are teaming up with BlackBerry to bring you the BlackBerry App Generator! The BlackBerry App Generator is an online tool (based on our award-winning app creation platform) that enables online publishers to build apps for BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook in less than ten minutes, and then to distribute these apps via BlackBerry App World.

The apps run on OS 5 and higher as well as on PlayBook, and can also be fully integrated with BlackBerry Messenger. This allows publishers to create a unique social content experience and encourages content sharing with other BlackBerry users.

There are no registration or submission fees either, and publishers have the freedom to distribute the app either for free or at a cost. In-app advertising is also available using the BlackBerry Advertising Service.

It really is just as easy as it sounds. We are so excited to offer this opportunity to digital publishers around the globe and to help bring some amazing new content apps to BlackBerry App World!

Do you want your content to be an awesome app for BlackBerry devices and distributed via BlackBerry App World?

Visit today to request an invite!


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