Wednesday, 11 April 2012

App of the Week: Mookychick

For this week's featured app, we've got another one for the ladies out there!

Mookychick, as you'll find on their website, is "the indie bible for babes with attitude". It covers every topic, from style & beauty to relationships & careers, and pretty much everywhere in between -- all with a clever, alternative stance. And, as our email correspondence with the site's editor can justify, it's seriously entertaining.

The app, which you can see below, is definitely stylin'. It's got everything we could ever want in an app: great branding, frequent updates, glossy images and - of course - brilliant content.

So if you're an awesome lady and fancy having instant access to smart, alternative content, you definitely need to download the Mookychick app. Immediately.

Download the Mookychick app now!


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