Thursday, 2 February 2012

App of the Week: Chic Reporter

Here's one for the ladies out there! This week's app is ├╝ber fashionable. I present to you, dear readers, the Chic Reporter app:

Darling, isn't it? We thought so. It's light on the text but heavy on the images (and big, glossy images, at that) -- with some videos thrown in for good measure. If you're at all interested in the latest fashion ad campaigns or the newest beauty products, this is most definitely an app for you.

Also, head on over to the original website for a great example of how to promote your app. You'll note the call to action (Download the Chic Reporter App!) as a banner at the top of the page -- a great way to give your app some traction. For more ideas on how to promote your post, check out this post we wrote last year.

If you're interested in fashion (or you just like to look at pretty things!), you should probably go ahead and download our App of the Week...

Download the Chic Reporter app now!


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