Monday, 23 January 2012

App of the Week: GotchaMovies

This week's App of the Week is one for everyone. (Unless of course you don't watch films, don't like films or have never seen a film... in which case, this is probably a good place to start!)

GotchaMovies is a stellar new app that was just created using the App Factory. And this one is a doozy! It's got everything we like to see in an app: big images, great branding, and heaps of original content. Featuring news, reviews, top lists, trailers, and pretty much everything you could ever want from a film app, this is a must-have.

Seriously, how sleek does that look? Our users always know how to get the best out of the App Factory...

Download the GotchaMovies app now!

Do you think your own blog or website would make for a great app? Why not try it out for free? You know you're curious...

Try creating your own app using the App Factory!


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