Thursday, 4 August 2011

Win Your Very Own WP7 App

We're feeling very generous today here at the Mippin offices. So generous, in fact, that we're giving away a free Windows Phone 7 app. We've just finished up our new Mango template for WP7 and we'd like to celebrate! And, of course, show it off...

In case you were wondering, the new (and awesome) features of our Mango template for WP7 are:

- live tiles with article updates
- ability to pin articles to home screen for direct access
- background agent to update channels

Hooked? Good. So here's how you do it:

Step #1: You decide that this is an awesome opportunity for your content to reach a new and ever-expanding app market. Easy.

Step #2: Create a test app (for free, of course) using the App Factory. This app will act as your competition entry so make it pretty! (This step should take you about five minutes... roughly the length of a commercial break. Just sayin'.)

Step #3: Let us know you want your app to be considered for the competition. Just send us a tweet like this: "Dear @Mippin, please consider my app NAME for the awesome 'win my own WP7 app' competition!" Or just drop us an email at if you fancy it.

And BAM. You're done. All that's left is for us to judge the apps and select a favourite. (Tip: we'll be looking for interesting content and nice images above all...)

All entries must be submitted by noon (London time) on Monday the 8th, and the winner will be announced in future. The winner will then receive a brand spankin' new WP7 app, which can either be uploaded to their Windows Marketplace account (if they have one) or ours (if they don't). Let the app creation commence!