Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Mobile Solution

A few days ago, Mobile Marketing Magazine published a great article entitled 'The Mobile Conundrum', written by guest columnist Laura Hampton, Head of Content Engagement at user experience agency, Zabisco.

The article stresses the importance for businesses to have a mobile presence, and goes on to discuss the different routes businesses can take in order to establish that mobile presence. Of course, what it all boils down to are mobile sites and mobile apps, and which one is right for which company. (For a lot of companies I reckon "both" is also a pretty popular answer.)

"Generally speaking, a mobile website is cheaper to produce and maintain than a mobile app. This is because, unlike an app, mobile websites will work on any platform, anywhere in the world that has internet access."

This is a great point -- apps, generally speaking, are platform-specific, which is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because apps hold much more power when it comes to utilising all of the functionality offered by the platform which it runs on. When developing with a single platform in mind, the process is so much more straightforward. However, with the good comes the bad, which in this case is that a single-platform app does not amount to a complete mobile presence. It amounts to an Android presence, or an iPhone presence, etc. etc. Of course you can create apps for every platform, but that takes both time and money.

Unless of course you're using the App Factory, in which case you actually don't have to worry about any of that -- because we already have. We know that people want apps, but we also know that it's not just about iPhone apps anymore. It's also about Android and Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 and Ovi and so on and so on... Which is why we offer the App Pack -- it's not just a single app, it's all of them.

Purchasing a single App Pack means you get an iPhone web app, an Android app, a java launcher and a mobile web page, and with this you've got all your bases covered. How it works is this: once you've purchased an App Pack, we'll give you a single install URL (and QR Code). The install URL is smart -- it recognizes what device the user is coming from and therefore it gives that user the best experience their device can offer. So any user on any platform will have no problem getting your app on their phone.

And there you have it: a mobile app that works across all platforms. It's that simple. Why not try it?

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

App of the Week: NewsLab

This week's spotlighted app is for all the journalists out there.

With so much information at our fingertips, available in epic quantities at all hours and via virtually every medium imaginable, it's no surprise that we can easily become overwhelmed. For journalists, who are tasked with filtering the newsworthy from the not-so-newsworthy and then sharing it with the world, overwhelming probably doesn't even come close to describing it.

Which brings us to our featured app, NewsLab, an app made with journalists in mind to help ease this process -- it is a resource for journalists looking to build up their skills and broaden their thinking. According to NewLab's website:

"In today’s multimedia world, journalists need more than the basics. They need new ways of finding and telling stories that will engage and inform the communities they serve, while staying true to the fundamental principles of accurate, fair and independent journalism."

We think this sounds like an excellent cause, and it only makes sense for NewsLab to create an app to help journalists on the move! Download the app now at or scan the QR code below! And you can follow @TVNewsLab on Twitter here.

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