Thursday, 30 June 2011

Nokia Shorts 2011 Winning Video

In the mobile industry, so often we can feel bombarded. Bombarded with facts, charts, graphs, tables, stats, infographics, pageviews, you name it. And that's all very well and good -- but sometimes it's nice to take a step back from all of the data and just remember how awesome mobile technology is and what amazing things it is capable of doing.

Over the past few months, Nokia has been judging entries for its Nokia Shorts 2011 competition -- and they have finally chosen their winner. The winning video (entitled 'Splitscreen: A Love Story') is absolutely beautiful, but the fact that it was shot entirely on an N8 makes it amazing.


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

You've Created an App! ...Now What?

So you've just created an app using the App Factory. That's awesome. High fives all around!

But wait! You're not finished yet! You wouldn't write a book, get it published and then just keep it to yourself, would you? Creating the app is only the first step in establishing a mobile presence for your content.

So the next step in the process -- a very crucial step -- is to tell people about your amazing new app! And I'm here to give you some tips on the best ways to do just that.

1) Share, share, share. Put the link on your Facebook wall and encourage your friends to check it out. Your friends read your blog! And they probably have phones! Double whammy.

Remember: the install link we provide ( is what we call a 'smart link' so it recognizes what device the user is coming from. Make sure to always share this link so your users get the best experience possible for their device.

And if you've got a Twitter account, why not tweet about it? According to a recent study (read all about it here), approximately 43% of Twitter users access Twitter from a mobile device -- that's a higher percentage of mobile users than any other social network. This makes tweeting about your app one of the best options available, as so many of your users will already be reading your tweet from their phone. How easy is that?

Keep in mind that it might be useful to share your app more than once -- Twitter is great, but one drawback is that your tweets can often get lost in the shuffle. Take note, however, I am by no means promoting that you spam your readers! But a helpful little nudge every few weeks or so couldn't hurt...

2)Advertise it. One great way to spread the news about your app that is often overlooked is to place a banner ad on your site -- a visual link leading straight to your app. This is a useful tactic because it offers more long-term promotion than you'd get from sharing via social media.

Here is a great example of a banner ad, courtesy of our friends over at Flush the Fashion. If you head to their site and scroll down a bit, you'll notice a big, lovely banner advertising their (very awesome) app.

3) Blog about it. Announce to your readers that they can now get your content in app form, quickly and easily. These are the people that already read and love your content so they're exactly the group you want to be reaching out to.

Why not, right?

Of course there are a lot more ways to tell the world about your app than what I've just listed, but hopefully this should get you started. It's time to get creative!

Friday, 24 June 2011

App of the Week:

This week's featured app is for all the automotive lovers out there. You know who you are -- you're the one who rushes to the window when you hear that certain vroom? Prompting everyone else to rush to the window and then ooh and ahh and speculate at who the owner may be? (...Or is that just how it goes in the Mippin offices?)

Well, either way, this one's for you! The app is dedicated to the affluent automotive lifestyle, and it's got everything covered -- Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis and whatever else your luxury car-loving heart desires. Whether you already own, are looking to buy, or simply want to drool over the photos, this app is a must-have. Of course there aren't just images in the app. There's also tons of frequently-updated news stories and features.

Drive away with it today by clicking on this install link or by using the QR code above. (I couldn't resist that cheesy automotive pun there, sorry!)