Tuesday, 12 April 2011

App of the Week: YouFest

Here we are again, bringing you the second in our new 'App of the Week' series.

With the amazing sunny weather we've been having in London, we think it's only fitting that we celebrate it. Therefore, our featured app this week is here to help us bring on the summer with all the latest UK festival news.

And thus we bring you: the YouFest app.

What's the lineup for Latitude Festival this year? How much of your paycheck will be going to Glastonbury, and will you still have enough leftover to buy yourself a new pair of wellies? Find all that good stuff (and more) on the YouFest app.

Click here to install, and here to see what they're tweeting about.

Monday, 4 April 2011

App of the Week: Flush The Fashion

We're swimming in a sea of good content here at Mippin, but we're not sure if we're doing enough to tell you all just how awesome it is. So we're going to start doing just that.

And thus, today marks the start of a new, weekly series on the Mippin blog - our App of the Week. All of the apps featured will be products of our awesome Mippin App Factory, and of course they will all be chock full of interesting content on just about any and every topic you can think of.

With that, let me welcome our first App of the Week -- cue drumroll! -- Flush The Fashion.

This app features the latest and greatest stories on what's happening in music ('Flush The Fashion' is also the name of a 1980 Alice Cooper Album, so what else did you expect?) but also culture, tech and all sorts of other good stuff.

So why not go ahead and install it? Also, you can check out the brains of the operation here.