Friday, 29 January 2010

...and in 2nd place - Nokia Ovi App Store or Google Android Market?

Once again it’s been a little too long since our last update, though we promise we’ve been very busy with some exciting projects! In fact you should prepare yourself for a slew of upcoming posts in the next few weeks & months, because there should be lots to talk about. For instance, we’ll definitely be blogging about the team trip to Barcelona in mid-February for Mobile World Congress. Plus we’re also looking forward to announcing some big development & partnership news, so stay tuned over the next few weeks if you want to know more!

For today, though, we wanted to draw your attention to an article we saw published on TechCrunch yesterday regarding Nokia Ovi Store’s download figures. From the looks of it, Nokia Ovi Store is beginning to pick up a little speed - and we’d agree! In fact, our own numbers show that in 2009 it was a service equivalent to that of the Android Market, at least according to download numbers of Mippin Buzz Widgets.

As some of you may remember, Mippin launched its range of Buzz Widgets (News Buzz, Tech Buzz, Gossip Buzz & Gaming Buzz) back in June / July of last year on both Android and Nokia phones. With 2009 over, we thought we could share our experience so below we’ve got two graphs tracking Buzz Widget downloads between July to December 2009. The first graph shows the number of downloads of each Buzz Widget on both Ovi & Android stores, while the second graph shows the combined number of downloads across all four Buzz Widgets, in each store.

Though Nokia Ovi was often criticized for offering a sub-standard service last year, you can see that with our experience we reached just as many users via the Ovi Store as we did with Android Market, suggesting many Nokia users were out there giving Ovi a try and succeeding in downloading our widgets. Of course it could be argued that the install base for Nokia is 100 times more than that of Android users, and so Nokia should be outperforming Androidm, however our widgets are only available for a few Nokia S60 phones.

Is it something to think about? Well, there are plenty of reasons to expect the Android Market to pull ahead in download terms in the coming year and we agree with most analysts that 2010 is expected to be the year of Android operating systems(just as much as the year of the tablet.) However it’s worth bearing in mind our experience is also that Nokia’s App Store offering is actually working for developers too and at least in Mippin terms, Nokia don’t seem much further behind iTunes than Google Android, which can be no bad thing.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Greatest Mipp-Moments of 2009

To say 2009 was a big year for Mippin would be a bit of an understatement. Products were launched, competitions were won, and much fun was had.

We know you might be a little top 10 list-ed out by now, but bear with us. We're about to throw another your way. And with that, we bring you...

10 Reasons Why Mippin Rocked The Casbah in 2009

1. Mippin signed a deal with a major telecoms company. (Shh, don't tell anyone!)

2. In May, Mippin launched the Tech Buzz Homescreen Widget for Android -- the first of many. It's now eight months later and we've gone on to launch five more widgets and they're available on the Android platform as well on most Nokia devices.

3. The Mippin iPhone app was launched in July, after only 11 months of submission time. (Just, you know, 10 months and 25 days longer than any other app store...thanks Apple!)

4. Mippin was shortlisted for the UK iAwards in November. We got to go to a fancy black tie affair and everything.

5. In September, we launched the amazing Buzz Deck application for Android as the sleekest and easiest way to get the content you want on your mobile. (Proof that this is true = see #10.)

6. Our Tech Buzz Homescreen Widget won 1st place in Nokia's 'Calling All Innovators' competition in Stuttgart, Germany - and a hefty $30k to go with it, which brings us to...

7. The office table football table! We used a teeny bit of that prize money on some office entertainment. But we hardly ever play it, we swear. (Do you believe us?)

8. Mippin was selected as one of the Tech Media Invest Top 100 companies in the UK and featured in The Guardian.

9. We got a new CEO, Nick Barnett, who we fully expect to bring us some even more amazing Mipp-moments like these.

10. And the
pièce de résistance...our Buzz Deck app nabbed 1st place in the media category for Google's second annual Android Developer Challenge, $100K, and bragging rights that should last well into 2010...

Thanks for such an amazing year, mobile geeks!