Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Mippin's Got the X Factor

We're sorry it's been so long, but (as always) we've been very hard at work here at Mippin. Our very exciting news is that we are blogging from our shiny new offices in Parsons Green! (Okay, it's mostly exciting for us as we'll be the ones spending 40+ hours a week here, but please play along.)

Of course we love our old Fulham digs, but we needed a change! Variety is the spice of start-ups, as they say. So here we are in sunny Parsons Green!

And, in addition to our new offices being totally awesome (and big and bright and modern and -- need I continue with the adjectives here?), word on the street is that this complex is also the home of the X Factor offices! ...Pardon the geek out moment but HOW EXCITING IS THAT?! Cue the celeb spotting!

(Simon Cowell, if you're reading, come say hi! We've got Diet Coke and table football, what more could you ask for?)

We'll be sure to blog again soon! For now, there's still unpacking to be done...


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