Monday, 10 May 2010

Buzz Deck Reviewed in The Sunday Times

We know, it's been awhile. But obviously all our hard work spreading the news about our general magnificence is paying off, as yesterday we got a lovely little review in the 'Planet of the Apps' section of The Sunday Times.

It might be a tad hard to read so we'll copy the text for you:

"This news and gossip app brings together RSS feeds -- news reduced to a headline and one-sentence summary, on which you can click for the full story -- as a series of visually appealing "cards", themed by subject, such as technology or celebrities. You can add to, remove or reorder dozens of cards to create a sort of flick-through newspaper, updated as often as every five minutes. Buzz Deck grew from a competition held for Android app developers and is at its best on Android rather than Apple handsets, thanks to the option of being able to create new cards that act like miniature browser windows within the Buzz Deck software. Powerful stuff indeed."

(We love it all, but that last sentence is our favorite! And so true!)


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