Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Mystic Mippin Predicts An Exciting Start To The Decade.

As the year comes to a close, we want to wish everyone who works with Mippin, uses our sites/apps or simply follows what we do a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 2009 has been a difficult year for many but luckily enough its actually been a great one for the team here and also we believe the mobile industry in general. Certainly ‘the killer app finally arrived, in the form of…Apps!’ (Rich - CTO), and with the release of Android and upgraded Nokia smart phones, it seems like the mobile consumer is now using the web and other services from their mobile’s more than ever before. In terms of our contribution to mobile, the Mippin team enjoyed some fantastic success this year too, winning some exciting contracts, industry awards and even a new CEO. Still we’re looking forward to 2010 like everyone else and in the spirit of the traditional media industry forecast, we’ve asked for a few mobile predictions from the team for next year. Here’s a mix of our suggestions:

Rise of the Machines - part 1: Android goes from niche to massive
Though it suffers a few setbacks, Android grows both in popularity and in reach throughout 2010, beginning with the Google Nexus One launch through to a Motorola low end device.

Rise of the Machines - part 2: Will the Motorola's Droid lead put them back in the game?
Motorola's Android strategy comes good, they claw back global market share and introduce a mass market low end Android touch screen device.

The Killer App - here at last!
It turns out after all the killer app is...apps! They’re coming to more and more handsets, operators and 3rd parties in 2010 and this cornucopia of choice runs parallel with even more app stores to put the apps in. However discovery of relevant apps in app stores is likely to become an issue which will need improving through 2010.

The Internet, Mobile - Mobile Web comes of age... at last
While apps are taking eyeballs away from the (mobile) internet on high end devices, there will be a growing need for mobile version of websites for the mass market throughout 2010. There will be more and more realizations from content owners that a mobile website alternative provides the best user experience on mobile devices.

Data, Data everywhere, but not a drop to drink
Operators open the floodgates on mobile data tariffs, encouraging users to adopt new apps and internet on mobile. But, with infrastructures quaking at the seams, there's simply not enough bandwidth to go round. Later in the year, unlimited mobile data plans (fair use 5GB per month) will become harder and harder to find, as mobile networks may begin to suffer data connection and speed quality due to always connected devices like iPhone, Android and BlackBerrys.

An advert a day keeps the Google away - Apple go big in advertising
Apple launch or buy a mobile ad network to work with the apps in their app store. Advertising revenues will become more important for Apple going forward, as Google begins to move in to Apple’s territory and consequently Apple are forced to copy Google’s business models in some areas.

Is it a phone? Is it a netbook? Nope, its a.. ermm.. tablet/netphone/phonebook?
Yes, they're back. Where others have failed, will Apple really pull a successful tablet (or something similar) out of the bag? Quite probably... And with it is likely to come a whole new world of application form-factors and creative ad formats. Bring it on!

1 site, 2 sites, 3 sites, more...
Content owners face real challenges of building multiple versions of their mobile sites across an increasing plethora for platform choices- Apple appstore, android, Ovi, 360, etc etc. Players that can solve this problem look like good partners to find!

Hope you liked our forecast – let us know yours too! And have a great Christmas and Happy New Year from all at the Mippin Team!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Meet the Mipps: Special CEO Edition

Name: Nick Barnett

Official Title: CEO

Phone of Choice: 32 Gig Black iPhone 3GS

Non-geek Interests: sailing, cycling, and family (not necessarily in that order)

Known around the office for: ever-increasing table football skills (he got a late start but recently he's been picking up speed...)

Favourite Fulham lunch spot: Bodean's

How many Twitter followers does Nick have at this very second?
None! Nick's not really a Twitter guy. He says he has an account but doesn't actually tweet-- no tweets, no followers. Fair enough.

Three blogs he can't go a day (err, hour?) without checking?
Nick is more of a forum-reader than a blog-reader. He doesn't like to distinguish between the two. After some reluctance to name blogs over forums, we agreed to play a game of table football over it. He won (note the aforementioned table football skills) so I guess that's it for this answer!

When did he cross over from average citizen to geek extraordinaire and what cinched it for him?
It could've been when he had to learn C++ back in 1994. Or it could've been when he started using Mosaic while he was doing research for his PhD. (I definitely had to Wiki that one -- pre Netscape Navigator!) Or it could've been that summer job he had working on an IT help desk. (Sounds like he's always been a geek to me!)

What sort of advancements does he expect in mobile tech in the next few years?
The answer is fourfold:
1.) Mobile payments will happen soon -- people will be using their mobile device as a chip & pin, and RFID capabilities will become more prevalent.
2.) Increasingly, we will see other gadgets being pushed out of the market by mobile phones. Already the mapping industry has found itself in trouble as so many mobile phones come with GPS capabilities and are therefore eliminating the need for other gadgets.
3.) There will be an increasing crossover between netbooks and phones. Netbooks will continue to decrease in size while phones will continue to increase in size (and capability), until eventually the two devices could merge totally.
4.) Local WILL finally happen, and it will be totally driven by maps.

Why does he think Mippin is absolutely AWESOME?
"Because it is!"(I then asked for elaboration.) He says it's because Mippin's got an incredible back-office content aggregation platform and a cool, award-winning UI that supports all devices. "We can deliver an app-like experience to anyone, regardless of device." Well said, Nick!

Friday, 4 December 2009

How Mippin Can Help Google Help Newspapers

It's been an interesting week here at Mippin, beginning with the Google Android Developer Challenge 2 win, our press release, the launch of our Eco Buzz Widget, and now.....Google again.

Our operations man Conor just spotted the following article in the Wall Street Journal and it seems Mippin might be in a position to aid Mr Eric Scmidt, not in 2015 but in 2009! How? The article, titled "How Google Can Help Newspapers," goes on to describe a world in 2015 where phones will know their owner, the kind of content they like, make content recommendations, download content instantly and present articles individually as units of consumption. Sound familiar?

Obviously we appreciate Mr Schmidt is talking about the mass-market but thought we should mention we've been providing many mobile users with most of these services for over 2 years already, working with newspapers and publishers to feature their content in our mobile portal, our Buzz Widgets products and most recently our Buzz Deck application, all of which utilise the described personalisation technologies to deliver users a futuristic mobile experience. In fact we're really hopeful our most recent application Buzz Deck, the most sophisticated app we've ever produced, is next in line to drive serious revenues back to content publishers. With the addition of targeted advertising solutions to Buzz Deck, coming soon, we're just a few months away from 2015! Drop us a line Mr Schmidt if you're wondering what we're working on for newspapers in 2020 :)

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Mippin Goes Green

Today Mippin launches the Eco Buzz Widget, the latest in our series of awesome homescreen widgets for your Android device, including the highly anticipated Motorola Milestone (aka Droid). The widget delivers all the latest eco-friendly news right to your homescreen -- who knew living green could be so easy?

Whether it's the latest news on climate change, where to buy the coolest organic threads on the market, which car has the least impact on the environment, or even how to recycle your old patio furniture -- you'll find it all here. We've got content from the best green blogs out there like Ecorazzi, Inhabitat, and Autoblog Green, for a start. Just like all of our other widgets, you'll be able to customise the settings and set the refresh rate to anywhere from every 5 minutes to 24 hours.

So download the Eco Buzz Widget today and all of your friends will surely be green with envy.

Click here for more info.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Mippin Welcomes Nick Barnett as New CEO

We're just full of exciting news today!

Today we are pleased to announce that Nick Barnett has joined the Mippin team as its new CEO! (You could try Googling him now, but before you do: no, we did not steal Nick away from the Green Bay Packers. He is in fact a different, though equally impressive, Nick Barnett.)

Nick was formerly the Managing Director at Phorm UK, which provides targeted online content and advertising solutions. Previously, Nick was Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Development at O2/Telefonica for 5 years, and prior to that he was at McKinsey & Company.

"Given my background -- a combination of telecoms, technology, online media and advertising -- Mippin is the perfect fit and I'm really looking forward to driving the company forward. Obviously, I am absolutely delighted that the team's accomplishments have been recognised in winning both the Google and Nokia developer competitions -- it's a really great time to come on board," said Nick.

We're really excited to welcome Nick and couldn't agree more about him being the perfect fit for Mippin! Well, once he picks up on his table football skills, that is.

For the full press release, click here.

Buzz Deck Wins 1st Place in ADC2 Media Category

Yesterday, Google announced the winners for its second annual Android Developer Challange and Mippin's very own Buzz Deck took the 1st place spot in the Media category! And not only did we nab the top spot, but we will also be VERY happy to nab the $100,000 prize that goes along with it! (We are a start-up, after all...)

If you're not familiar, Buzz Deck ( provides a simple, elegant and fast way to get all your favourite web content in one place, perfectly optimised for mobile use. You can flick between topics, from Gossip to Gadgets to Green, and we even learn what you like and recommend stuff we think you'll enjoy. Oh, and you can check up on your Facebook or Twitter updates (among many others) at the same time. Brilliant, we know.

The Android Developer Challenge recognises developers writing the best applications for the Android development platform, and the level of competition this year was unbelievable. We're chuffed to be honoured with all of the other great apps and their developers. We want to wish a special congratulations to the other two winners in our category, SPB TV and FxCamera, and also to all of the other winners across the board. Well done!

After a heavy night of ADC2-related texting, emailing, tweeting, Facebook-updating and so forth, we thought we deserved a little break this morning. So we had ourselves a little celebration, complete with champagne and Krispy Kremes! We really know how to party here at Mippin. But now it's back to work...these apps don't just make themselves!

For the full press release, click here.