Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Designing Your App With The Consumer in Mind

Our very own Head of Creative, David Mannl aka Flashy got invited to give a presentation at the Mobile Web Event today (20th October 2009).

The topic (Designing Your App With The Consumer in Mind) couldn't have been better as it is part of our company DNA to always focus on the consumer whilst designing and developing our mobile apps and services.

Your honest feedback helps us to create the apps you love. As it says on the 2nd slide: "Nobody gets it 100% right the 1st time" but with your help we eventually will get it right.

See the presentation embedded below:

Monday, 12 October 2009

Buzz Deck Review on Revision3

We are loving this review of Buzz Deck for Android from Jim Louderback at Revision3. (Of course we love all reviews here at Mippin, but especially the good ones!) The show notes posted on the say this:

"Want a neat way to keep up to date with news, sports & weather on your Android? Buzz Deck delivers that, plus links to social networks and more!"

Couldn't have said it better ourselves!

It is worth noting that a few of the 'cons' listed have been changed since the initial launch of Buzz Deck. You can now create your own custom card based on any website! and we're tweaking the content to be more specific to the country. We've also added the card name (like 'Tech' or 'Gadgets') to the stories just to sort out any confusion there.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Christmas in October for Mippin HQ

Not to brag (again...) but here at Mippin we have just fallen into some serious £££. And by "fallen", I mean we brought our A game to the Forum Nokia Calling All Innovators competition a few months back and nabbed a very lovely trophy (and, of course, cash prize).

So, we're spoiling ourselves a bit. We're buying one-eighth of a Porsche and splitting it between all of the employees!

...Kidding. We're just in the market for some office entertainment -- one big toy (and maybe some little ones). There's a Google doc circulating which everyone's adding suggestions to, but I'm pretty sure my suggestion of 'hamster' is a no-go (probable death over the weekend was a good enough reason to nix it). But we do have a more plausible 'ant farm' on the list of potentials so I suppose that would be enough to fulfill my goal in getting a live toy.

But on to the good stuff. The two main contenders right now are table tennis and table football (aka foosball). Very reputable options. Also on the list are a 'Nerf Havok Fire Automatic Blaster,' which does look as cool as it sounds, and a 'Basketball Super Shoot Out'. There's a flatscreen TV on the list as well, but I think that might cross the line from fun toy to serious timewaster, so that's out. And then there's a sofa, but that's like riding the bore-train into Snoozetown, no?

So what should it be? Table tennis? Table football? Nerf Blaster? 7000 of those little cocktail umbrellas? A giant inflatable mobile phone? One very large cake for every day for the rest of the year? Suggestions are welcome.