Thursday, 7 May 2009

Mippin goes Widget Crazy

The word 'Widget' is seriously overused, it can and does mean just about anything. So a little context for you, in this case I'm specifically referring to going crazy about 'Android Home Screen Widgets.'

With the rollout of the 'Cupcake' firmware to the T-Mobile G1's of the World and the launch of the HTC Magic on Vodafone, Android has gained Widget functionality. It's elegantly implemented enabling developers to quickly create a varied selection of desktop treats for Android users. The usual selection of Weather, Clock and Battery widgets has already started to appear (See a video review of some over at To spice up the mix a little we thought we'd add our own little widget to the pot.

The Mippin 'Tech Buzz Widget' is the first of a small family of widgets bringing upto date content from 1000's of top sources direct to the Android home screen. It not only lets you read the full stories in the widget, but also is fully integrated with the YouTube application and Sharing functionality of Android.