Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Mystic Mippin Predicts An Exciting Start To The Decade.

As the year comes to a close, we want to wish everyone who works with Mippin, uses our sites/apps or simply follows what we do a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 2009 has been a difficult year for many but luckily enough its actually been a great one for the team here and also we believe the mobile industry in general. Certainly ‘the killer app finally arrived, in the form of…Apps!’ (Rich - CTO), and with the release of Android and upgraded Nokia smart phones, it seems like the mobile consumer is now using the web and other services from their mobile’s more than ever before. In terms of our contribution to mobile, the Mippin team enjoyed some fantastic success this year too, winning some exciting contracts, industry awards and even a new CEO. Still we’re looking forward to 2010 like everyone else and in the spirit of the traditional media industry forecast, we’ve asked for a few mobile predictions from the team for next year. Here’s a mix of our suggestions:

Rise of the Machines - part 1: Android goes from niche to massive
Though it suffers a few setbacks, Android grows both in popularity and in reach throughout 2010, beginning with the Google Nexus One launch through to a Motorola low end device.

Rise of the Machines - part 2: Will the Motorola's Droid lead put them back in the game?
Motorola's Android strategy comes good, they claw back global market share and introduce a mass market low end Android touch screen device.

The Killer App - here at last!
It turns out after all the killer app is...apps! They’re coming to more and more handsets, operators and 3rd parties in 2010 and this cornucopia of choice runs parallel with even more app stores to put the apps in. However discovery of relevant apps in app stores is likely to become an issue which will need improving through 2010.

The Internet, Mobile - Mobile Web comes of age... at last
While apps are taking eyeballs away from the (mobile) internet on high end devices, there will be a growing need for mobile version of websites for the mass market throughout 2010. There will be more and more realizations from content owners that a mobile website alternative provides the best user experience on mobile devices.

Data, Data everywhere, but not a drop to drink
Operators open the floodgates on mobile data tariffs, encouraging users to adopt new apps and internet on mobile. But, with infrastructures quaking at the seams, there's simply not enough bandwidth to go round. Later in the year, unlimited mobile data plans (fair use 5GB per month) will become harder and harder to find, as mobile networks may begin to suffer data connection and speed quality due to always connected devices like iPhone, Android and BlackBerrys.

An advert a day keeps the Google away - Apple go big in advertising
Apple launch or buy a mobile ad network to work with the apps in their app store. Advertising revenues will become more important for Apple going forward, as Google begins to move in to Apple’s territory and consequently Apple are forced to copy Google’s business models in some areas.

Is it a phone? Is it a netbook? Nope, its a.. ermm.. tablet/netphone/phonebook?
Yes, they're back. Where others have failed, will Apple really pull a successful tablet (or something similar) out of the bag? Quite probably... And with it is likely to come a whole new world of application form-factors and creative ad formats. Bring it on!

1 site, 2 sites, 3 sites, more...
Content owners face real challenges of building multiple versions of their mobile sites across an increasing plethora for platform choices- Apple appstore, android, Ovi, 360, etc etc. Players that can solve this problem look like good partners to find!

Hope you liked our forecast – let us know yours too! And have a great Christmas and Happy New Year from all at the Mippin Team!


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