Thursday, 17 December 2009

Meet the Mipps: Special CEO Edition

Name: Nick Barnett

Official Title: CEO

Phone of Choice: 32 Gig Black iPhone 3GS

Non-geek Interests: sailing, cycling, and family (not necessarily in that order)

Known around the office for: ever-increasing table football skills (he got a late start but recently he's been picking up speed...)

Favourite Fulham lunch spot: Bodean's

How many Twitter followers does Nick have at this very second?
None! Nick's not really a Twitter guy. He says he has an account but doesn't actually tweet-- no tweets, no followers. Fair enough.

Three blogs he can't go a day (err, hour?) without checking?
Nick is more of a forum-reader than a blog-reader. He doesn't like to distinguish between the two. After some reluctance to name blogs over forums, we agreed to play a game of table football over it. He won (note the aforementioned table football skills) so I guess that's it for this answer!

When did he cross over from average citizen to geek extraordinaire and what cinched it for him?
It could've been when he had to learn C++ back in 1994. Or it could've been when he started using Mosaic while he was doing research for his PhD. (I definitely had to Wiki that one -- pre Netscape Navigator!) Or it could've been that summer job he had working on an IT help desk. (Sounds like he's always been a geek to me!)

What sort of advancements does he expect in mobile tech in the next few years?
The answer is fourfold:
1.) Mobile payments will happen soon -- people will be using their mobile device as a chip & pin, and RFID capabilities will become more prevalent.
2.) Increasingly, we will see other gadgets being pushed out of the market by mobile phones. Already the mapping industry has found itself in trouble as so many mobile phones come with GPS capabilities and are therefore eliminating the need for other gadgets.
3.) There will be an increasing crossover between netbooks and phones. Netbooks will continue to decrease in size while phones will continue to increase in size (and capability), until eventually the two devices could merge totally.
4.) Local WILL finally happen, and it will be totally driven by maps.

Why does he think Mippin is absolutely AWESOME?
"Because it is!"(I then asked for elaboration.) He says it's because Mippin's got an incredible back-office content aggregation platform and a cool, award-winning UI that supports all devices. "We can deliver an app-like experience to anyone, regardless of device." Well said, Nick!


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