Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Christmas in October for Mippin HQ

Not to brag (again...) but here at Mippin we have just fallen into some serious £££. And by "fallen", I mean we brought our A game to the Forum Nokia Calling All Innovators competition a few months back and nabbed a very lovely trophy (and, of course, cash prize).

So, we're spoiling ourselves a bit. We're buying one-eighth of a Porsche and splitting it between all of the employees!

...Kidding. We're just in the market for some office entertainment -- one big toy (and maybe some little ones). There's a Google doc circulating which everyone's adding suggestions to, but I'm pretty sure my suggestion of 'hamster' is a no-go (probable death over the weekend was a good enough reason to nix it). But we do have a more plausible 'ant farm' on the list of potentials so I suppose that would be enough to fulfill my goal in getting a live toy.

But on to the good stuff. The two main contenders right now are table tennis and table football (aka foosball). Very reputable options. Also on the list are a 'Nerf Havok Fire Automatic Blaster,' which does look as cool as it sounds, and a 'Basketball Super Shoot Out'. There's a flatscreen TV on the list as well, but I think that might cross the line from fun toy to serious timewaster, so that's out. And then there's a sofa, but that's like riding the bore-train into Snoozetown, no?

So what should it be? Table tennis? Table football? Nerf Blaster? 7000 of those little cocktail umbrellas? A giant inflatable mobile phone? One very large cake for every day for the rest of the year? Suggestions are welcome.


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