Thursday, 13 August 2009

Swimming in a Sea of Blogs

As content editor here at Mippin, I look at a lot of blogs.

A lot of blogs.

We have a lot of good times, me and blogs. It’s sort of a love/hate relationship. Sometimes they stop speaking or change their address without telling me, but ultimately my love knows no bounds. After all, blogs are my rocket fuel – and the rocket fuel of Mippin. Without content, where would we be?

Sometimes my task is to find new blogs, because we here at Mippin like to keep up with the Jones’ – we need cricket blogs for The Ashes, festival blogs around Glastonbury time,
costume blogs for Halloween, etc. And it’s not always an easy endeavor.

So how do you do it, Teri?

Great question, hypothetical inquisitors. Here are my top 5 content-sourcing options: – I cannot even tell you the love that bubbles up inside at the mere mention of the name. Basically, the gist of the site is to recount some of the top stories circulating the web, but from various bloggers’ perspective. It links you all over the place to different blogs, mainly with one thing in common – the one story they all decided to write a post on. For example (beware, this is only a dramatization): ‘Twitter decided to rename itself Fwitter today. Blogger #1 says, “it’s preposterous!” and “a serious threat to the growing trend of all things with the ‘tw’ prefix.” Meanwhile, Blogger #2 says, “I hope Fwitter stays. I want my grandchildren to grow up in a world of Fweets.”’ (Also worth noting -- their top ten lists on anything and everything, which are updated almost daily, are a godsend for finding good niche blogs.)

Blogrolls – I suppose this one is a bit obvious to many, but I find blogrolls to be a constant source of good material, all essentially centered around one blog. So, I’m looking at the blogroll of a nifty fashion blog – not only will I get that blogger’s favorite fashion blogs, but often her favorite foodie or pop culture blogs as well. Good content leads to more good content.

Technorati – amazing. The site pays a lot of attention to blogs by authority, which leads to legitimate, popular (or on-the-rise) content. The front page simply tells you ‘what’s percolating in blogs now’, or you could siphon by category to figure out what’s percolating in boating blogs right now (no joke) or whatever else you might fancy. And extra kudos for using the word ‘percolating’, Technorati.

Blog Networks – Many blogs are part of a larger blog network – therefore one good blog can often lead to a veritable cornucopia of good content. A great example is the popular Cheezburger network – both I Can Has Cheezburger and Failblog have caught on so much that their language is now incorporated into a geek’s everyday vocabulary. (And, not surprisingly, the rest of the content put out by the network is similarly up to par.) Blog network WIN! Srsly.

Mippin – Obviously! Even though I control most of the content, I find myself constantly surprised by what Mippin -- and our users -- come up with. Browsing the categories shows me the most popular content, ordered by my country. I can also check out the 20 most popular sites in my country at any time using the ‘Entertain me now’ feature, which I need to check often so I can stay in the loop. Also, just looking at the latest stories streams in a category (Celebrities and Food Blogs are favorites of mine) can lead you to interesting stories from sites you’ve maybe never heard of. It’s content discovery as it should be – simple, relevant and enlightening.


Blogger DChatterbox said...

Thanks for sharing these sites -- I was not aware of some of them.
I am a foodie and chef-wannabee so i spend a lot of time looking at food blogs. I use a website called which is a directory of food blogs.

14 August 2009 at 18:03  

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