Friday, 28 August 2009

Mobile - it's in the blood!!!

Another action-packed month over at Mippin Towers, building and distributing numerous publisher apps across Nokia Ovi Store, working on some monetization solutions for Mippin portal, plus enjoying the moment we reached the first 10 apps in Top Free section of iPhone App Store’s News category.

And that’s just me! The rest of the team launched a revised version of Mippin’s collaborative algorithm (powering Mippin content portal recommendations,) developed some new Buzz Widgets (coming soon), and were picked as finalists in the Nokia Calling All Innovators Competition, winning a minimum $10,000 prize and a trip to Stuttgart next week (don’t blow it guys – I mean the cheque..) They're also finalising some new contracts and oh, by the way, developed a completely brand new type of mobile content application which may single handedly redefine the way web content is accessed and consumed on mobile phones forever.

The new app, which has been submitted to the Android Developer Challenge before it goes live in the Android Market in a few weeks, features a super slick UI, intuitive navigation and great content. All hallmarks of the Mippin development team of course. Except this new app brings something new to the party, though exactly what can’t be revealed until the app goes live for Android mobile users in September. Needless to say it’s the mobile evolutionary equivalent of the Model-T Ford – everyone will be able to get around a lot faster!

So it seems like a busy month over here at Mippin HQ, developing, innovating etc. Except that in all honesty, with a team that are genetically programmed to programme, September is going to be the evolution, when the Buzzy new product goes live in Android Market. Who’s to say what the team’s capable of then!


Blogger JJ said...

Sounds exciting guys - any chance
of a sneak preview for guardian tech? :)

31 August 2009 at 22:49  

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