Friday, 17 July 2009

Meet the Mipps: Part 3

Name: Richard Hyndman

Official title: Chief Technology Officer

Phone of choice: T-Mobile G1 in black (or anything Android)

Non-geek interests: cars, a plethora of TV series (The Wire, House, and frakin' Battlestar Galactica), children (specifically, his children)

Known around the office for: excessive monitors on his desk and being the guy who says "shall we get some lunch then?" every day (ergo, we all forget to eat when he's on holiday)

Favourite Fulham lunch spot: The Slug @ Fulham (2 for £6.95 meals and, if we're lucky, extreme sports accidents playing on the telly)

How many twitter followers @geekyouup has at this very second? 1686.

Three blogs he can’t go a day (err, hour?) without checking? "It's all about content, not the blog." (His discovery tools are mainly Twitter links, podcasts like TWiT, and of course the Mippin Tech & News Buzz Widgets.)

When did he cross over from average citizen to geek extraordinaire and what cinched it for him? Rich was born a geek. He literally came out of the womb wearing glasses, asking if his crib had wi-fi.

What sort of advancements he wants in mobile tech in the next few years? "A super amazing awesome battery" and -- not surprisingly -- "more Android!"

Why he thinks Mippin is absolutely AWESOME? "The innovative driving force of the team...and the sociable lunches." ("Sociable" -- i.e. all of us sitting at a table looking at our own phones, talking about what we're looking at on our own phones, occasionally making comments about what other people are looking at on their own phones, and sometimes eating.)


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