Friday, 10 July 2009

Meet the Mipps: Part 2 (Intern Edition)

Name: Sean

Originally from: Austin, Texas

Official title: Intern

Phone of choice: HTC G1 in white

Non-geek interests: playing bass, most notably in the MIF Blues Band -- MIF for Masters in Finance, if you can believe it

Known around the office for:
blazer-wearing, Starbucks-drinking, and easily eating extremely spicy things in large portions (he is Texan, after all)

Favorite Fulham lunch spot: Hell Pizza

How many Twitter followers he has at this very second: None! But he doesn't classify himself as a Twitter-hater, more like a Twitter-agnostic.

Three blogs he can't go a day -- err, hour? --without checking: Time Suck, The War Nerd, and Slashdot (But there was talk of a 4th addition -- An absolute classic.)

When did he cross over from average citizen to geek extraordinaire and what cinched it for him: At the ripe age of 5, his parents bought him a TI-99/4A and that was that. (I definitely had to Wiki this -- "before my time," as Sean put it. It's quite a trip.)

What sort of advancements he wants/expects to see in mobile tech within the next few years: He both wants and expects to see progress in the realm of augmented reality. He envisions folks everywhere will just walking around, phones in hand, further merging virtual reality and real reality with their fingertips -- very cool.

Why he thinks Mippin is absolutely
awesome: Because it is a simple and fast rss reader that works with all phones -- simple concept, simple answer. Also, there was a shout out to Mippin's Tech Buzz android widget, which is, of course, totally awesome as well.


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