Friday, 3 July 2009

Meet the Mipps: Part 1

This is my first post on the blog, which is way overdue as I've been managing content on Mippin for almost a year now! But that's going to change now because today I'm introducing a new series to the blog. I'll be doing a little write-up of a different member of the team each week -- a little insight to some of the greatest minds in the world! The world of mobile tech, at least. First up...

Name: Simon

Originally from: Sydney, Australia

Official title: Test Analyst

Phone of choice: T-Mobile G1 Android Phone in white

Non-geek interests: Sports of all varieties (including touch rugby, indoor football, and lunchtime basketball) and, of course, the occasional cinema outing

Known around the office for: creating origami animals (
without even looking!), eating lots and lots of fruit (thankfully he always shares), and picking up the mail even when it's not his turn

Favorite Fulham lunch spot: Hell Pizza, where you can get an unlimited topping pizza plus a drink for only £4 -- who knew Hell was helping to fight the credit crunch?

How many Twitter followers @simondavinci has at this very second: "100 or so" (actual count: 81)

Three blogs he can't go a day -- err, hour? --without checking: OK! Magazine, Tennis Planet, and the Android category on the Tech Buzz widget

When did he cross over from average citizen to geek extraordinaire and what cinched it for him: It all started with the Palm 5 back in 1998, was kicked up a notch when he joined T-Mobile in 2001, and geekdom was fully embraced (my words, not his) after the launch of the first camera phone from Nokia in the same year

What sort of advancements he wants to see in mobile tech within the next few years: Better battery life and "a better phone than the iPhone" -- he thinks the HTC Hero is on its way

Why he thinks Mippin is absolutely
awesome: The people! (Aww, thanks Simon!)


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