Monday, 30 March 2009

Decline of US Newspapers

There is an interesting article in Techcrunch this morning on the decline of the US Newspapers.

Obviously we have heard this story for some years now but two things struck me. Firstly the declines are increasingly rapid and more importantly the decline are in online too. I think that the decline in online is an indication that the newspapers are failing to monetise their content in the online world. I think we all know that online consumption of news is increasing and this is at the expense of print. Furthermore the opening up of mobile content consumption through products like Mippin are also reducing the need to for users to take their news via print. It just needs the content owners to work out how their content can be monetised. Obviously we feel quite good about this as we have quite a successful route for monetisation for publishers through ad impressions with Mippin.

Furthermore a billion people will be coming online via mobile in the next 4 years so its only worldwide growth or the content industry.


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